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Toxic Tangents Podcast

Toxic Tangents Podcast

Toxic yet educational with a sprinkle of righteousness: join Julius & Alliss every Monday for all things society, pop culture, and relationships through the minds of millennials.

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Recent Episodes

038: Good Brother Experience ft. Reek

July 4, 2022

Reek aka "The Original Black Man" blesses the show with his toxic opinion on jobs and gender roles in our society. Follow/Subscribe Listen to Reek's podcast "The Good Brother Experience" https://linktr.ee/ReekTheOriginal Fol…

037: Disrespect! (Roe V Wade)

June 27, 2022

Paula joins the show again to talk about if Black people support each other, cheating on her man, and you-know-what getting over turned....uh-oh! SUBSCRIBE/FOLLOW Check out the first episode Paula was on: episode 12 "Talking…

036: Juneteenth: A Leap & A Fall

June 18, 2022

We're giving you these gems early in light of Juneteenth! Author, Prentice B. Johnson joins the show to discuss history, society, and all kinds of other Black shit. Keep it locked! SUBSCRIBE/FOLLOW Buy the Leap And A Fall E-…

035: Pride And Privilege

June 14, 2022

This episode discusses the aftermath of rapper Isaiah Rashad's sex tape leak, if pretty privilege is real, and what it really means to be invincible. SUBSCRIBE/FOLLOW Toxic Tangents: @ToxicTangentsPod


June 10, 2022

Wanna know what happens when a bunch of drunk idiots go to Vegas during NFL draft week? SUBSCRIBE/FOLLOW Toxic Tangents: @ToxicTangentsPod

034: Sarcasm & Orgasms ft. Will deFreshhh

June 6, 2022

Will from the Sarcasm & Orgasms podcasts joins the show to speak about toxic relationships with women and family members. Keep it locked! SUBSCRIBE/FOLLOW Will: @sarcasm_n_orgasms1 Toxic Tangents: @ToxicTangentsPod